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This week in WordPress

Delicious Brains asks ACF lifetime licenses holders to pay again

Delicious Brains' marketing team "kicked up a sandstorm" over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, reports Sarah Gooding at WPTavern, after emailing Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) lifetime license holders and asking them to sign up for a discounted subscription.

Or as WPTuts creator Paul Charlton sums up in his reaction video: "You paid for it once, they want you to pay for it again and to continue paying for it. That really, really sticks in my throat, it really does." Charlton also tweets, "Am I the only one who thinks this is bad form trying to guilt your existing Lifetime owners into paying for a subscription?" In a word: no.

While some other lifetime license holders also tweeted their frustration, especially after the confusing messaging about support for lifetime licenses when Delicious Brains announced it had acquired ACF in June, others disagreed that lifetime license holders should expect updates indefinitely.

"You paid a hundred bucks or so 5 years ago and you expect a company to keep adding value to your business that could have been generating hundred of thousands of dollars in revenue. They could abandon the project. How would you feel about that," tweets Clayton Collie, a senior web engineer at 10up.

At The WP Minute, publisher Matt Medeiros shares his take: WordPress, the multi-billion dollar software industry that has us begging for money. "… expecting lifetime updates for one price coupled with a part-time donation strategy, is bad for both the consumer and the business… In the end, WordPress might be the only multi-billion dollar industry that plays the tune of a poor freelancer, the supporting donor, and pioneering capitalist all at the same time. Unfortunately, only one can prevail," he writes.

WordPress 5.9 Beta 1 released, on track for January 29 official release

After recent delays, WordPress 5.9 Beta 1 is now available for testing. Or as WordPress Executive Director Josepha Haden Chomphosy puts it, "WordPress 5.9 beta 1 is available, my friends! Come test it and tell us how it broke!"

Automattic-sponsored contributor Chloe Bringmann notes in the announcement that the release includes 580 enhancements and nearly 450 bug fixes. Contributors have fixed 297 tickets for WordPress 5.9, including 110 new features and enhancements.

Sarah Gooding reports that due to the great many interconnected parts of full-site editing (FSE) that will make their debut in 5.9, contributors are organizing a more coordinated testing effort. Anne McCarthy, an Automattic-sponsored core contributor who is co-leading testing for the release, has published a detailed testing guide to Help test WordPress 5.9 Features.

More beta releases are planned for December, followed by RC 1 on January 4, 2022. WordPress 5.9 is on track to be released on January 25.

Meanwhile, for more on what's in WordPress 5.9, Nathan Wrigley from the WPTavern Jukebox podcast talks to Automattic developer advocate Birgit Pauli-Haack (who publishes the Gutenberg Times), Marcus Kazmierczak (team leader at Automattic and documentation lead for WordPress 5.9) and Zack Krida (the team lead of the Openverse project).

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XWP contributing engineers to WordPress Performance Team

XWP announced this week it will be contributing five of its engineers to the new WordPress Performance Team. The enterprise web agency's Director of Engineering, Stephane Boisvert, who shared the news in the #performance channel on WordPress Slack, says the engineers will each contribute 10 hours per week to the working groups set up to focus on five key areas: images, JavaScript, site health, measurement, and object caching.

The company is also creating an internal team that will work on WordPress core performance and support the new contributors in their work.

Google Software Engineering Manager Thierry Muller, who's on the Performance Team, tweets, "It has been inspiring to watch how the @WordPress Performance Team is maturing since the kick off just 1 months ago… @XWP announcement to be contributing time from 5 of their engineers towards WordPress core performance made my day! Now lets get to work🙂"

Yoast founder and CPO Joost de Valk, who's been a big proponent of the Performance Team, and whose employees Ari Stathopoulos and Justin Ahinon are on it, tweets, "Awesome to see this. Let's make WordPress better together!!"

Speaking of Yoast, the SEO company is getting ready to again whip web hosts into shape as part of a campaign to encourage WordPress users to upgrade to PHP 7.4+. Similar to the company's 2017 campaign, Yoast users will see a notice in the WordPress dashboard if they are using shares on Post Status Slack.

#WPCommunityFeels: Rae Morey

Photo of Rae Morey
This week, what’s inspiring Rae Morey, publisher of The Repository, founder of Words By Birds, and Communications Manager at Art Processors.
A podcast worth listening to: Not gonna lie, I don't listen to WordPress podcasts because my eyes get enough of what's happening in the ecosystem while putting this newsletter together. Recently, I treated my ears to the brilliant second season of Stuff the British Stole.

A concept worth understanding: Back yourself. After hiring people in my many various roles in and outside of WordPress over the years, I've found it's often the quiet achievers who don't realize just how amazingly talented they are.

A Twitter account worth following: As a copywriter, I'm here for @Pagely's tweets.

An article worth reading: Elena Salaks's recent article I Just Don’t Want to Be Busy Anymore was like a punch in the guts and has helped me set better boundaries when it comes to work and family.

A habit worth forming: Disconnecting from tech and reconnecting with nature. I recently hiked up a mountain in the rain on my own, got lost, bush-based through thick scrub trying to find my car, and eventually got home hours later than I’d planned. It was cathartic and, fortunately, snake-free.

Wrap it up. Ending your year successfully.

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Join Jodie Fiorenza, Director of Business Development at WebDevStudios, to discuss what it all means and how we can prepare for a successful 2022. We will also be sharing tips and tricks of being in sales and business development and how to stay positive in the New Year.

Read more and RSVP: Wrap it up. Ending your year successfully.

In other WordPress news...

  • WordFest Live 2022 organizers have put out a Call for Speakers to join the 24-hour event on March 4. They're seeking a wide variety of topics and a diverse speaker pool, and formats include standard and lightning talks, panel discussions, and wellness talks. There's not much time left to apply — the deadline for speaker submissions is December 6 at midnight UTC.
  • Pantheon kicked off its second annual Gift of Open Source on December 1. The month-long event aims to encourage code and non-code-contributions to open projects, with the ultimate goal being to provide resources and mentorship to engage and energize first-time contributors. For each contribution up to 500 contributions made, Pantheon will donate $20 to the WordPress Foundation and Drupal Association, up to a maximum $5,000 for each organization.
  • The Hub by GoDaddy Pro was created to streamline your workflow and save time on tasks that typically eat up a workday. But we aren't done yet. See the latest Hub updates and changelog here, and then explore the Hub by GoDaddy Pro – it's free! Sponsored link
  • Wordfence is urging Variation Swatches for WooCommerce users to update to the latest version after recently disclosing an XSS vulnerability in the WooCommerce extension. The security flaw makes it possible for attackers with low-level permissions to inject malicious JavaScript that executes when a site admin accesses the extension's settings. The extension is installed on over 80,000 websites.
  • The WordPress Themes Team has announced three new team representatives: Template Sell co-founder Ganga Kafle, who is a Rank Math-sponsored contributor; WordPress developer Acosmin, who is sponsored to work on WordPress part-time by Extend Themes; and freelance developer Benachi. Former team representatives William Patton, a self-employed developer, and Yoast-sponsored contributors Ari Stathopoulos and Carolina Nymark, will stay on as moderators.
  • Where's WordPress headed in 2022? Developer Brian Francoeur shares what he thinks, looking at key developments on the platform's roadmap and how the platform is faring against the competition. "If you were to ask me a couple of years ago, I would have predicted that WordPress would start to lose market share to another platform that managed to do everything is much more user-friendly way," Francoeur writes. "I stand corrected. WordPress is fighting back with genuine innovation, evolving the WordPress core and ecosystem to meet the needs of its users in 2022 and beyond."
MailPoet - Zeplin 2019-10-25 17-00-44

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