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This week in WordPress

Broken divide

"So @justintadlock nailed what's wrong with WordPress, Gutenberg and Themes. Agreeing 100%," tweets result frontend developer Jessica Lyschik. She links to Justin Tadlock's think piece Where Gutenberg Went Wrong: Theme Developer Edition for WP Tavern, where he asks: is the WordPress ecosystem ready for full site editing with Gutenberg?
In a word, no. Theme developers can't keep up with all the changes between Gutenberg plugin updates and major WordPress versions. The block-based theme meetings are an attempt to mend the "broken divide" between Gutenberg and developers. Ultimately, there needs to be better communication.
Reactions to his piece are overwhelmingly supportive. "Yep, it is an ongoing struggle to keep up, combined with a constant feeling that you're miles behind again :D," tweets ThemeZee theme developer Thomas Weichselbaumer, while Anariel Design co-founder Ana Segota tweets, "Agreeing 100%. We made a new Gutenberg theme Elephant and trying to update all our themes to support blocks as much as we can but it's not easy at all."

Anonymous Steve probably sums up best what a lot of developers are going through: "What I found is that Gutenberg works for the most part but it's clunky and takes too many steps to do simple things. And the worse part of it, all my clients just don't like it. None of them at all. Time is money and using Gutenberg is a waste of my time right now. If I'm trying to earn a living and make my clients happy, it just makes way more sense to not use Gutenberg."

While StudioPress founder Brian Gardner looks at the issue more diplomatically: "As someone who has designed and developed for WordPress since 2006, and was partly responsible for a product that has been used on millions of sites, I get it. You can't make everyone happy."

Smart play πŸ‘πŸΌ

In other theme news, Envato, the company behind ThemeForest, this week launched a template kits marketplace for Elementor. Or as the company puts it, Envato brings hundreds of customisable, code-free Template Kits to WordPress with Elementor.

Justin Tadlock at WP Tavern describes the launch as a "smart play" financially. With 5 million users, including many used to upsells, and $15 million in recent funding, he says in Envato Launches Template Kits Marketplace for Elementor the move allows Envato to test the waters of this new category of products before opening it to other page builders and the block editor in a proven market.

In other news, did you know WPBakery Page Builder (formerly known as Visual Composer) powers 4% of the internet? Creator Michael Makijenko chats to the Matt Report's Matt Medeiros about What's next for the largest page builder on the planet.

Holy moly

Sarah Gooding reports for WP Tavern that in late April, Wordfence discovered a critical vulnerability in Google's Site Kit plugin for WordPress that made it possible for any user on the site to gain full access to Google Search Console without verifying ownership.
Google patched the vulnerability and released the fix on 7 May. But as Sarah goes on to report in Google Patches Critical Vulnerability in Site Kit Plugin, the search giant downplayed the vulnerability, failing to notify users on the news section of the plugin's official website. "Without Wordfence's public disclosure, users may not know about the importance of the update," she writes.

"Holy moly. Can everyone please just use Strattic (or a tool like it) so that plugin vulnerabilities become irrelevant??" tweets Strattic. ICYMI, Strattic raised $6.5 million back in February, with participation from Automattic. Strattic CEO Miriam Schwab chats to Brian Krogsgard on the Post Status podcast this week about static WordPress and fundraising.
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Searches for WordPress are up 52%

A lot more people are searching for WordPress solutions, according to Alex Denning who heads up WordPress marketing agency Ellipsis. He noticed search volumes were increasing for some of their clients' keywords, so they took a deeper look.
It turns out that from March to April there was a 52% increase in searches for WordPress solutions β€” a huge increase, with positive implications for the WordPress economy. He breaks down the data and his calculations in Searches for WordPress are up 52% in the last month: understanding the surge.

"Super interesting, thoughtful report from @AlexDenning! great job," tweets Christie Chirinos, product lead for managed WooCommerce at Nexcess by LiquidWeb.
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In other news...

  • – WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg joined MatΓ­as Ventura, lead architect of the Gutenberg project, at WordCamp Spain for a Q&A session that covered virtual events, decoupled WordPress, and the future of page builders.
  • – The WordPress Accessibility team has announced the first WordPress Accessibility Day, to be held on 2 October. The 24-hour online event will feature educational sessions that focus on the intersection between WordPress and web accessibility, reports Justin Tadlock for WP Tavern. The team is looking for speakers to join the program.
  • – The speaker line up for WordSesh Americas 2020 has been announced and organizer Brian Richards tweets, "I'm personally very psyched for this lineup and all the presentations they're preparing. We've been talking about the content for weeks now. This schedule is SO GOOD! I can't wait for you to experience it!" Chris Ford loves the program, tweeting, "I don't believe I have ever gotten an email with a speaker lineup announcement that was all woman (and a diverse group at that!) until today. Well done @WordSesh and @rzen πŸ‘"
  • – Yoast is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. "10 years ago I started a company, from home, with the support of my lovely wife, not knowing what it would turn into. Now, with 100+ employees and 11 million+ websites using our software, Marieke runs the show and we're looking back a bit :-)" tweets founder and CPO Joost de Valk, linking to The history of Yoast.
  • – Following the announcement that WordCamp Europe will be a virtual event this year, the team has now revealed the speaker line up and schedule! The conference will take place on the 5th & 6th of June, and there will be a Contribution Day held on June 4th. Tickets for the conference are available here.
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