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This week in WordPress

"It is with heavy hearts that we announce WordCamp Europe will be postponed until 2021"

It's the news we were all expecting, but none of us wanted. WordCamp Europe has officially been postponed until 2021.
The team has stated, "As a community, we have decided, after carefully monitoring the international situation, the advice of organisations such as the World Health Organization and WordPress Community Support (aka WordCamp Central), and the concerns of our community, that the in-person event we envisioned β€” a diverse, inclusive, safe, fun, and educational event β€” is impossible, given the current circumstances."

It's a heartbreaking decision for the organisers, but the community has come together in offering their support and condolences.
"A really tough situation, but well handled. Thank you to everyone volunteering for all the hard work so far, really looking forward to 2021 πŸš€" tweets Noel Tock. The sentiment is echoed by Marieke van de Rakt who said "That’s so sad! But totally understandable! Virtual hugs for all of you 😘"
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If you've already purchased a ticket for WordCamp Europe you'll be automatically refunded, and WordCamp Central has also provided an official letter explaining the situation to help support any flight and hotel refunds required. All information and links can be found in the official announcement.

This news follows the cancellation of a number of local WordCamps, including: WordCamp Chicago (postponed until 2021), WordCamp Lancaster (cancelled), WordCamp San Diego (postponed until 2021), WordCamp Atlanta (cancelled), WordCamp Albuquerque (postponed indefinitely), WordCamp Santa Clarita (postponed indefinitely), and WordCamp Paris (postponed until September).

And it's not just WordCamps having to cancel. YoastCon by Yoast has been postponed until September and #HeadToWCEU by WP&UP has unfortunately been cancelled this year.

Big πŸ’™ to the event organisers who have had to make these tough decisions.

Not-so-distraction-free decisions in WordPress 5.4

That's right. We're using this gif again πŸ˜… Last week a last-minute addition to the WordPress 5.4 release was made. Riad Benguella announced that fullscreen mode (also known as distraction-free mode) will be enabled by default in the editor, over on Make WordPress Core.
IT crowd gif of man with popcorn
Needless to say, people weren't happy. Many questioned why it was being added so late on in the release process, including K. Adam White who commented "While I don’t oppose the change in and of itself, may I ask why this had to be done so close to RC? I would have expected this to sit in the plugin for a cycle or two..."

Matt Mullenweg responded taking responsibility "This is on me as release lead β€” I’ve been meaning to get this in for a while but it got lost in the shuffle." and cited user testing and other qualitative feedback as the reason for wanting it to be included in this release.

WordPress co-founder Mike Little took to Twitter to express his dismay "Seriously @photomatt? After the communication and planning near disaster that Gutenberg was originally; this last minute, unilateral, major UI changing decision is being foisted on the users & team?" to which Birgit Pauli-Haack responds "Actually, the decision makes sense. I would have gone a tiny step further and enable the TopToolbar as well. Having the block toolbar on the content area on every paragraph overlapping the one above it, feels very disconcerting to writers."
If you'd like some more information on the fullscreen editor, Justin Tadlock has provided an overview of the feature on WP Tavern. And if you'd like to switch it off, Jean-Baptiste Audras has demonstrated how to do this on his blog.

Who run the Word? Girls!

Speaking of WordPress releases, Josepha Haden has set out her plan to put together an all-women release squad.
Josepha states "My hope is that with a release squad comprised entirely of people who identify as women, we’ll be able to increase the number women who have that experience and (hopefully) become returning contributors to Core and elsewhere."

What an awesome idea. If you want to join the squad, leave a comment on this post to register your interest πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

Gif with illustrations moving side to side with copy "shimmy if you're with her"

Say hello to WooCommerce 4.0

On Tuesday, WooCommerce announced the release of WooCommerce 4.0; a major update that's been in development since January. Notable updates within the release include the WooCommerce Admin plugin being merged into the core plugin, and a revamped onboarding experience.

It's almost been a year since WooCommerce Admin was released as a feature plugin and as Peter Fabian states in his announcement post "With the plugin being actively used on more than 1 million stores, we now believe the WooCommerce Admin is ready to be included in the WooCommerce core...". All WooCommerce users will now have access to comprehensive stats, analytics, and reports.

"The onboarding process was spot on. For someone who rarely sets up online shops, each step was easy and helped me get off the ground running." comments Justin Tadlock on WP Tavern. And Alex Denning has provided an awesome walkthrough of the new onboarding experience in a Twitter thread.
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In other news...

  • – WP Rocket has released version 3.5 of their plugin, which is a major release. It includes a brand new premium service: RocketCDN πŸš€.
  • With its ultra-simple setup and its optimized compatibility with WP Rocket, RocketCDN is the essential tool to make your website reach the stars.
  • Until March 20, RocketCDN is available at a limited launch price: $6.99/month for the first year (instead of $7.99/month).
  • Version 3.5 also includes mobile preloading and the ability to remove jQuery Migrate. To find out more, check out their release announcement. - Sponsored link
  • – New WordPress community event recommendations in light of COVID-19 developments have been issued by Andrea Middleton.
  • – Josepha Haden has shared an update highlighting the progress made to WordPress goals so far.
  • – As COVID-19 is forcing many previously office-based workers to make the switch to remote work, the community has stepped up in sharing tips on how to do this. Siobhan McKeown from Human Made has shared an article on keeping your team effective while working from home and the team at Alley has published a series of posts to help newly distributed Scrum teams.
  • – Cory Miller of Post Status and Brian Richards of WPSessions have recorded a Q&A session on how to take your in-person event online.
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