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This week in WordPress

Can’t shake the feeling I’m looking at Windows ’95

Did you do a double-take after updating to WordPress 5.3? "'The contrast is way too high and I can't shake the feeling that I’m looking at Windows 95.' Yikes 😯 looks like not everyone’s on board with the admin CSS changes in WordPress 5.3," tweets WPMU DEV.
They link to the unassuming post Noteworthy Admin CSS changes in WordPress 5.3 on the Make WordPress Core team’s blog. WordPress 5.3 introduced CSS changes to the admin for improved accessibility to match Gutenberg following the new editor’s accessibility audit in April. But not everyone’s thrilled with the UI changes. "Admin area looks like from 10 years ago. Old and ugly. Please fix it, or give us choice to use old / new styles," writes mastafu. "And yes, it is ugly. Not a personal opinion. It's the common opinion. If something looks ugly, you call it ugly," adds hydrogriff. Jean-Baptiste Audras, release co-lead of WordPress 5.3, has ruled out making accessibility optional in WordPress, despite calls to roll back the UI. "It would be against every design model, against W3C/WCAG guidelines and against the regulations/law in some countries," he writes, adding the changes are a first step that improves accessibility.

Want the old UI back? There’s a plugin for that. Digital Shadow has released Old Style Admin UI to the WordPress plugin repository.

Faster plugin deployment

10up has made plugin deployment to the WordPress.org repository a whole lot easier, releasing two GitHub actions to automate plugin projects. The first action allows developers to deploy plugins directly to the repository by tagging a release on GitHub.
The second handles readme files and asset updates. Justin Tadlock from WP Tavern has all the details in 10up Releases GitHub Actions for Simplifying WordPress Plugin Deployment, but don’t miss Helen Hou-Sandí's similarly titled announcement on the 10up blog. Developer Evan Mattson put the actions to use this week, tweeting: "Truly a game changer for developers and the WordPress ecosystem as a whole 👏."

WordPress vulnerability roundup

iThemes has released its latest WordPress Vulnerability Roundup: November 2019, Part 1. It highlights several new plugin and theme vulnerabilities that were disclosed during the first half of November. WPSec also covers some interesting new updates in Security News in WordPress 5.3 (1,300+ likes) including secure oEmbeds and PHP 7.4 compatibility.

Block Patterns

"Nice! #Gutenberg 6.9 🇦🇷 is out. 👉 experimental block pattern API added
👉 themes can now define custom gradient presets 👉 new APIs. 👉 Support loading block templates from themes 👉 ResponsiveBlockControl,"
tweets David Bisset linking to Gutenberg 6.9 Introduces Image Titles, Block Patterns, and New Theme Features.
Justin Tadlock from WP Tavern reports the Gutenberg team has released several features, most of which are aimed at developers. There’s a new Block Patterns API for plugin developers and theme authors can begin tinkering with the experimental gradient presets and block templates features.

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