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This week in WordPress

New WhiteHouse.gov site runs on WordPress. Again.

The White House has a new President β€” and a new WordPress website. Biden White House Sticks with WordPress for Website Relaunch is the headline at WPTavern where Sarah Gooding digs into what we know about the site and how it was created.
One thing we know is it's fast. "whitehouse.gov scoring super well on lighthouse, has dark mode and font size selector. h8ers gonna be mad that it's wordpress and jQuery tho," tweets full stack developer Wes Bos.

Hoefler&Co, the design firm that created the typefaces for President Joe Biden's 2020 campaign, gave a shout out to creative agency Wide Eye for its work on the new WhiteHouse.gov site.
Whitehouse.gov Lighthouse scores
"Truly a career high-water mark collaborating with @HoeflerCo (one of my design heroes) and the great @robynkanner. So grateful for their partnership. I'm honestly still pinching myself," tweeted Wide Eye founder and Creative Director Ben Ostrower in reply.
WordPress lead developer Andrew Nacin's tweet about Whitehouse.gov
WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg poked around the new site and in New WhiteHouse.gov says he found a couple of Easter eggs. "I haven't spoken to him directly but I'd be shocked if Nacin wasn't involved with this one," he writes, referring to Andrew Nacin, an OG lead developer of WordPress who works with the U.S. Digital Service. On Inauguration Day, Nacin simply tweeted a link to WhiteHouse.gov
Pagely's Director of Marketing, Dave Amirault, and Minister of Propaganda, Jeff Matson, offer their first impressions of the site's design and development in Whitehouse.gov Chooses WordPress, Again. As Jeff points out, "Gutenberg doubters take note – the Gutenberg editor experience was chosen for a site of this caliber."

Meanwhile, kudos to enterprise development company XWP, who tweets, "When you're scrolling through the new Whitehouse.gov site and notice it has a plugin you developed installed... How's that for a glowing review? '@stream_wp. So good, the White House uses it.'"

Kinsta launches new local development tool DevKinsta

"πŸŽ‰ BIG NEWS πŸŽ‰ We're thrilled to announce the launch of DevKinsta, our brand-new local development tool! It's available for free (for everyone!) right here πŸ‘‡πŸΌ" tweets Kinsta, linking to the hosting company's DevKinsta site. They also announce the tool in Introducing DevKinsta, the Free Local WordPress Development Tool (for Everyone).
The DevKinsta landing page
Justin Tadlock takes DevKinsta for a spin in Kinsta Launches Free Local WordPress Development Tool for WPTavern. At first, it's not clear whether he likes it or not, before concluding: "In short, I am sold. DevKinsta is a tool all WordPress developers should at least spin up once."

"Geeking out a bit with the new DevKinsta tool. πŸ€“πŸ’»" tweets Kinsta's former CMO Brian Jackson, while web technologies consultant Carrie Dils isn't quite so convinced. She tweets: "I just downloaded DevKinsta yesterday and am testing it out. I didn't make it too far (sidetracked by paying tasks - lol). Initial impression is that I was annoyed by all the DOCKER IN MY FACE."

WebDevStudios senior backend engineer Tom McFarlin gives readers a walkthrough in An Introduction to DevKinsta and lists features he'd like to see in future releases: "I think this version lays out a strong foundation and a lot of potential for additional, great features to be developed.

WordFest Live 2021 is on right now

WordFest Live 2021 is, well, live. It hit the halfway mark around the time this newsletter made its way to inboxes (22 January at 12 pm UTC).

"@aBigOrangeHeart #WordFest is in session and it definitely is festive. Amazing speakers, very well organized, and immaculately executed. Totally powered by volunteers," tweets WordCamp India organizer Yogesh Londhe.

The WordFest media team tells The Repository there are a few things participants should know:
  • Registration will remain open (and free) throughout the event.
  • Attendees who set up their profile when they register will be able to watch or rewatch sessions any time after the event.
  • Finished sessions of the day will remain up for attendees to watch.
  • The official hashtag is now #WordFest.
Also, a couple of useful articles: What to Expect at WordFest Live 2021: Community Questions Answered and 5 Things to Do to Get the Most Out of WordFest Live 2021.

A 50% increase in international sales? How a simple language shift increased one company's bottom line

A 25% jump in conversions and a 50% increase in global sales are the kinds of things business owners work their asses off to achieve. But for one WordPress company, La Machine Cycle Club, this dream became a reality when they added Weglot.
The La Machine Cycle homepage
How? They added two new languages to their site, and all it took was 5 minutes.

For the small Netherlands-based retail business, it wasn't just about making their site easier for overseas customers to read. Multilingual SEO β€” essential for website localization if you want Google to index your translated content β€” helped the team quickly gain the online visibility they needed in other markets.

To top it off, Weglot's simplified translation management was the icing on the cake. The team could easily update content and add products to their site, knowing it would be automatically detected and translated β€” and giving back valuable time they could spend developing their brand.

Get the full story on our website. Want to see similar results with your conversions? Sign up for a free 10-day trial with Weglot.
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