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This week in WordPress

WordPress is 18 years old

WordPress turned 18 this week and Executive Director Josepha Haden Chomphosy's got folks sharing photos from 18 years ago. On the WordPress.org blog, she shares 40 key milestones in the WordPress journey towards powering 40% of the web.

WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg marked the occasion on his blog, paying tribute to "every person who has ever been involved with making WordPress as a contributor, a community organizer, or as an end-user of the software."

At WPTavern, Sarah Gooding notes that "WordPress now underpins a multi-billion dollar economy of creators, publishers, and merchants who can build just about anything with the world of GPL-licensed extensions available," in Happy 18th Birthday, WordPress.

"My favourite thing about WP isn't the product, it's people I've met and the friendships I've formed over the years in the community. So thank you to the WP contributors, in every form. Happy 18th," tweets Shawn Hooper, Director of IT at Actionable.

"Wow, 18 years old @WordPress. It's amazing how those open source projects that take over 40% of the web grow up so fast :) In the blink of an eye," tweets Bob Dunn from BobWP, while WordPress Plugin Review Team rep and Dreamhost developer, Mika Epstein, tweets, "Yes it is my birthday. It's also @wordpress's birthday. I think I'm better since I can get a haircut and WP can't even drive a car."

Hari Shanker, an Automattic-sponsored community manager, reminds us one of the critical milestones in the WordPress journey was the establishment of the WordPress Foundation in January 2010.

Meanwhile, on the WP Buffs blog, writer Suzanne Scacca explores some WordPress market share facts and statistics.

Brian Krogsgard leaving Post Status

"A day of mixed emotions. After 8 years running Post Status and 10 years working professionally in the WordPress space, I have sold my share of the business. Time for a new journey," tweets Post Status founder Brian Krogsgard. He links to A New Era for Post Status.

Brian is stepping away from the business he started to explore new opportunities running a product business outside of the WordPress space. Cory Miller, who joined the WordPress news and community site as a co-owner in January 2020, is taking the reins. He tweets, "Thank you @Krogsgard for your work @post_status and for trusting me with the baton." He shares his thoughts about the business in Our Future Together at Post Status.

"Congratulations on the move. The true sign of success is when your creation can outlive your involvement, and you've created something great in Post Status. Looking forward to seeing what's next!" tweets Ryan McCue, Product Director at Altis DXP, while Stephen Cronin, a WordPress Specialist at Envato, tweets, "Best of luck in your new endeavours Brian. Be proud of what you build with Post Status, it's brought a lot people together and helped launch/grow many businesses. And although it's in fantastic hands to grow further, I'll miss your razor sharp analysis of the WordPress space. 🙌"

There's also been praise for Cory, with Justin Seeley, Senior Learning Experience Designer at Twitter, tweeting, "Congrats, Cory! You continue to inspire me. You're always so open and honest with how you do business and such an advocate for those around you. Nothing but love and respect for you, man!"

Hi hello yes we do WP maintenance

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Joomla! And Drupal to block Google's FLoC

Joomla! has blocked Google's controversial Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) by default in its latest release this week, with Drupal set to do the same when version 9.2 is shipped on June 16.

"The Joomla team have a new post explaining how they will tackle Google's new advertising technology. There's going to be a Yes/No setting available to every site, starting with 3.9.27 (released today)," tweets Steve Burge who runs Joomla! extensions and templates site Joomlashack. He links to Joomla! and FLoC.

As Sarah Gooding at WPTavern points out, the WordPress project is taking a more cautious approach to FLoC. "Without the support of any major browsers, WordPress' support or opposition may be critical to the success or failure of FLoC adoption on the web."

"The year of #Privacy continues. #WordPress made moves on this first, then change track a bit and want the option to be in the hand of users but I like Joomla's approach to have this in the CMS and then for users to simply flick a switch," tweets SRH Design owner Simon Harper.

Gutenberg 10.7 the last release to be included in WordPress 5.8

Gutenberg 10.7 integrates with the Block Pattern Directory and introduces new block design controls, is Justin Tadlock's writeup at WPTavern. The latest update primarily focuses on work expected to land in WordPress 5.8.

On the Make WordPress Core blog, Gutenberg project Technical Project Manager, Héctor Prieto, says the latest release of Gutenberg introduces several new features including persistent list view in the post editor, responsive navigation menus, design tools for blocks, and enhancements to the top toolbar, as well as iterative performance improvements and bug fixes. The feature freeze deadline for the current development cycle of WordPress 5.8 passed on Tuesday, which means no new features beyond Gutenberg 10.7 will make it into WordPress core.

Meanwhile, Anne McCarthy, the program manager for the Full Site Editing (FSE) outreach experiment, has put out a seventh call for testing as part of the FSE program. The latest round again focuses on template-editing mode, a feature slated to ship with WordPress 5.8. Volunteers are asked to follow a 16-step plan for building a portfolio template.

Show some love on Web Designer Day

GoDaddy Pro is committed to easing the life of web designers and developers in every way possible. That includes recognizing how awesome they are. For Web Designer Day, we're releasing a series of ecards for web designers and developers — for clients to send, or for one pro to praise another, or for WordPress gurus to share.

Data from a recent survey conducted by GoDaddy shows web designers and developer gigs are in high demand and exist in a thriving market. We found 66% of Americans needed help from a Maker of the Web to launch their ideas, and 45% of designers and developers believe their industry is growing.

If you're currently enjoying a strong relationship with your web designer or developer, one of our ecards would be a great way to show your appreciation for the individual. We encourage you to grab as many ecards as you like — they're free to download and are a fantastic way to bring a smile to the face of the person who helps you succeed online.

Get the ecards
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In other WordPress news...

  • "When a plugin is acquired and monetized, what's the best way to avoid the problems ProfilePress ran into this week?" asks David Bisset, offering his nuanced take on what we can learn from the ProfilePress debacle at Post Status. "ProfilePress could have handled its business, brand, and feature transition differently. It could have acted in ways that would have minimized the disruption and angry reactions. But there always are those reactions no matter what. And at the end of the day, plugin businesses are people who are trying to make a living," he writes. At WPTavern, Justin Tadlock says the price of admission for developers who release software, free or commercial, is that WordPress users get to hold them to account, adding, "We have a responsibility to behave ethically, rightness and wrongness as defined by our users."
  • In partnership with .Tech Domains and Code.org, we're increasing access to computer science in high schools. Join GoDaddy Pro and Code.org to learn more about how we can help change some of the staggering statistics around access to computer science in schools. RSVP → Sponsored link
  • 10up has been recognized in the 2021 Microsoft Supplier Program (MSP) Prestige Awards. The enterprise agency was nominated in the categories of Showstopper of the Year: Amplifying Accessibility and Showstopper of the Year: Commitment to Community, and was one of five finalists for Supplier of the Year: Small. "Super proud of the entire 10up team working on our @Microsoft accounts, but gotta shout out our fab motion/UI designer @lauilustra for knocking the reel out of the park! 🤩" tweets 10up Visual Design Director Lea Alcantara.
  • Wordfence is urging Simple 301 Redirects users to update to the latest version after the security company disclosed several vulnerabilities to the plugin's developer team. Threat analyst Chloe Chamberland says the severe vulnerabilities could lead to a full site takeover. The free plugin has over 300,000 active installations.
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