Issue #7
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Hello and happy holidays! 🥳

Welcome to the last issue of The Repository for 2019. Since it's the end of the year and there isn't much news to report this week, we wanted to take the opportunity to share with you some stats and other info about our newsletter.

    • 7 – Number of issues so far. We haven't missed a week yet!
    • 215 – Number of subscribers. Me every time someone signs up: 💃
    • 77.58% – Average open rate since we launched... 😳
    • 24.83% – Average click-through rate... 👌
    The Repository is something of an experiment; a collaboration between myself (Rae from Words By Birds) and Kim from MailPoet. Since I’m a writer and Kim runs an email plugin, we thought, "Hey, let’s start a newsletter!"

    We were journalists in past lives, you see, and have wanted to share something news-focused-but-different with the WordPress community for a while; not just a collection of links, but an interpretation of the WordPress ecosystem, told through your tweets and comments.

    We really hope you’ve enjoyed reading The Repository so far! It’s been a fun (and busy!) couple of months putting together this newsletter each week and we are so humbled that you read it (and even hit "reply" to give us your feedback) 🙏

    If you’d like to catch up on back issues, here’s a list of our past issues (we’ll be adding an archive to our website soon):
    In 2020, we’ll continue sending The Repository weekly. What you find in each edition will ebb and flow depending on how much news is around and what you’re all saying on Twitter and in the comments of news articles. Want your opinion in an upcoming newsletter? Easy—include #therepository in your tweets.

    We’ll be launching sponsorship packages next month. Yes, ads. No project that takes time is sustainable without money, let’s face it, and Kim and I both run busy businesses. We promise any ads we include will be community-orientated and not boring. If you’re interested in sponsoring, let us know!

    Lastly, if you have any feedback or ideas for how you think we should evolve The Repository in 2020, hit reply to this email and tell us. We want you to look forward to opening this newsletter each week and your feedback is appreciated.

    Thanks again for subscribing! See you on 9 January.

    — Rae and Kim

    P.S. We would love it if you could forward this newsletter to any colleagues and friends who you think might enjoy keeping on top of WordPress news and views. They can subscribe here.
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    In other news...

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