Who's behind The Repository?

That would be me, Rae Morey. I'm a writer, journalist, editor and communications specialist living in Melbourne, Australia.

Right now I'm a Communications Manager at Art Processors, an experience design and creative technology company. Before that (and sometimes still) I ran Words By Birds, a copywriting and content studio that specialises in delivering words that open hearts and wallets. And before that, I was Managing Editor at WPMU DEV for several years.

I've been part of the WordPress community for the better part of a decade, watching it grow and flourish, and helping business owners publish quality content.

I originally started The Repository with Kim Gjerstad, co-founder of MailPoet. We both have backgrounds in journalism and after working together for a year we thought, “Hey, let’s start a newsletter!” While Kim's since left, The Repository is still going strong and continues to grow.

Why are you doing this?

You might be thinking, “Awesome. Another email newsletter is exactly what I need in my inbox...”

Rest assured, The Repository is unlike other WordPress newsletters.

It's the most conversational weekly email in the WordPress community. Each week, I gather the news you need to know and find out what everyone’s saying about it on Twitter. Then I pull it all together into a fun and informative format that gives you the headlines together with the context.

I spend a lot of time keeping on top of WordPress news and what’s going on Twitter. So The Repository was started to combine the two to help folks get a better picture of what’s happening across WordPress.

Want to get involved? Simply add the hashtag #therepository to your tweets and you could end up in the next edition of The Repository.


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