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This week, what's inspiring WordPress contributor enthusiast Abha Thakor of Non Stop Business Support and Non Stop News UK.

A podcast worth listening to: 
DoTheWoo is a great podcast series with lots of material on WooCommerce, WordPress, and wider topics of interest to users and contributors. I had a great time on the show recently: Building Stories, Community and WooCommerce Sites.

A concept worth understanding:
From my management and leadership training, the concept of "potential" was a big part of how to energize and motivate teams. The potential of the innovation you could work on together, the potential in each individual and their contribution to a greater good, and the potential in exploring what's possible, from processes to products and services. We include it as an audit checklist with businesses and organizations, and as part of a review of our own projects too.

A Twitter account worth following:
For anyone interested in how technology can be used for good globally, follow @CallForCode. We've worked with entrants and a top global winner, and are keen to introduce developers and innovators to projects like this.

An article worth reading: 
Bee-ing grateful to our pollinators. Now you might not think this may be linked to WordPress, but without bees, life as we know it would change beyond recognition as so much of our world is reliant on the work of these pollinators. There are also millions of websites devoted to topics ranging from food to cleaning products, which in some way relate to the efforts of bees. This article gives easy tips on how we can all be more bee-friendly.

A habit worth forming:
Grow a plant every year, even if it is only on your window sill if you've not got access to a garden. Gardening helps your concentration, is likely to use different parts of your brain and can give you time to calm. It's a great way to help you find those elusive solutions too!


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