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This week, what's inspiring Alice Orrù, a multilingual content writer and translator with a penchant for accessibility, software localization, and WordPress. Alice created Ojalá, the first newsletter in Italian about inclusive and accessible communication.


A podcast worth listening to: 
Short Cuts by Josie Long. I started listening to this podcast during the first lockdown of 2020. It’s based on short sound documentaries, stories of people from everywhere, and the sounds of the environment surrounding the people being interviewed have a prominent place. It feels like you're there with them. Maybe that's what made me fall in love with this podcast: it allowed me to travel and listen to people as if we were having coffee together at a time when it was impossible to do so.

A concept worth understanding: 
There is no inclusion without accessibility. These days the term inclusive is all over the place, and everything claims to be inclusive: from language to marketing campaigns, from movies to events to architecture... But too often we forget that what is not accessible to all people, including those with a disability, cannot be called inclusive.

A Twitter account worth following: 
Alexa Heinrich (@HashtagHeyAlexa) is a social media strategist and speaker specializing in accessibility. I really like what she does and how she says it. Plus she is really generous in her sharing of free resources for anyone who wants to learn how to use social media in a more accessible way.

An article worth reading: 
The Pudding's articles would all be worth reading, actually, because they are wonderful and enhanced with incredible data viz! This piece in particular explains very effectively how newspapers offer an often distorted representation of women: When Women Make Headlines.

A habit worth forming: 
Reading is my best habit, so I’d say: read something new every day, whether it's a few pages of a novel, an essay, a graphic novel, or an in-depth article from a newspaper you appreciate!


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