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This week, what's inspiring Allie Nimmons, who runs Beedia Productions, co-founded Underrepresented in Tech, and creates content for LinkedIn Learning.

A podcast worth listening to: 
I'm going to be biased and say the Underrepresented in Tech podcast! We touch on tons of topics that not only benefit diverse folks in the WP ecosystem, but allies in the community as well.

A Twitter account worth following: 
I'm very excited for the things that Topher and Cate DeRosia are doing with @heropress right now. Definitely follow that account to stay in the know. If you're not already following them, also follow Perfectly Cut Screams (@AAAAAGGHHHH) because life is too short not to spend it laughing.

An article worth reading: 
To be honest, I don't read a lot of articles unless I'm specifically looking for information. So instead I'd say subscribe to by Newsletter Glue. The world is way too full of crappy newsletters, so why not make yours better!

A concept worth understanding: 
No one cares as much about you and your work as you do. I think this is important for people to understand at all levels of their career. When you're starting out, no one is going to work as hard to find you opportunities as you will. And if you're the CEO of a giant company, your employees will never care about that company as much as you will. Be responsible for your own dreams and goals and don't depend on others to make things happen for you. Also applies to not worrying what others think; no one is thinking about you and that potentially embarrassing thing you did as much as you are!

A habit worth forming: 
Spend one hour every day by yourself doing something you enjoy. That could be reading, exercising, meditating, crafting, painting, whatever. Point is, do it alone and do it purely because you like it, not for any important end goal and especially not for money.


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