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This week, what's inspiring Andrea Zoellner, VP of Marketing at Kinsta.

A podcast worth listening to:
I'm a big fan of Second Life, a podcast interviewing women who pursued entrepreneurship later in life or went through a big career change. It's inspiring to hear real stories of people taking on new challenges and how it's possible to have one, two, or more vastly different careers in a lifetime.

A concept worth understanding:
AI bias and how to build inclusivity into machine learning. There can be a tendency to put too much trust in data and fail to catch and correct things like AI bias. At a small scale, we risk inaccurate results. At a large scale, we could be causing harm and building systems that perpetuate bias. (More: What is AI bias really, and how can you combat it?)

A Twitter account worth following:
Whether you use your website to gain followers, get clients, or sell your product, landing page conversion tips are (almost) always relevant. Ever since Olly (@helloitsolly) roasted my landing page (don't worry, this is a service of his I paid for), I've been following his Twitter account for tons of quick, actionable tips to improve conversions at Kinsta, and for my many side projects.

An article worth reading:
If you think the GDPR case against Google Analytics is unenforceable, you might be right. Or, we could be on the cusp of yet another change in the way we track, gather data, and monitor user behaviour on the web. Either way, it's worth following the story of Austrian data regulators vs Google: Europe’s Move Against Google Analytics Is Just the Beginning.

A habit worth forming:
I'm going to go old school on this one and say journaling. For the past two years, time has felt like a blob, an unquantifiable mass; somehow both too fast and interminable. I hadn't journaled since middle school but revisiting the habit made it clear why so many great people in history journaled. It freezes time. Whether you reread old entries or immediately archive them, the action of stopping, taking stock, and revisiting the days' events is so helpful. You can process and resolve emotions, document and learn from your challenges, and describe and delight in the wins.


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