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This week, what's inspiring Bethany Chobanian Lang, the Community Team Lead at 10up.


A podcast worth listening to: 
I may be the only person left on the planet who doesn't listen to podcasts! So I'll recommend a TV show instead that will both entertain and make you think: Severance on Apple TV. It's fantastically acted, written, and directed, and it's made me think a lot about how we "divide" ourselves personally vs. professionally and why that can be so harmful.

A concept worth understanding: 
I was introduced to the concept of spoon theory pre-pandemic, and I've been thinking about it a lot lately as a person who has anxiety and depression. In our crazy world, many of us start our day with fewer and fewer spoons but we keep pushing ourselves like nothing has changed. How do we make better use of the precious spoons that we have left?

A Twitter account worth following: 
I spend way too much time on Twitter and it can be an overwhelming and frustrating place sometimes, so I appreciate a good palate cleanser like @redpandaeveryhr.

An article worth reading: 
One of the most fascinating things to me about web performance is that there's such a fine line between helping and hurting performance and it's definitely possible to have too much of a good thing. The performance effects of too much lazy-loading is a great deep dive into how a broad approach to performance can ultimately cause more harm than good.

A habit worth forming: 
Real, intentional, mindful self-care. Getting a pedicure or taking a long bubble bath every so often is nice, but it's no substitute for regularly checking in with yourself mentally and emotionally and making small adjustments to address your mental health before you really need that "self-care" indulgence.



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