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This week, what's inspiring Brian Coords, Technology Director at Howard Development & Consulting and Editor at MasterWP.


A podcast worth listening to: 
In 2020 a New York Times reporter explored how YouTube rabbit holes can lead to extreme political ideologies in an eight-part podcast called Rabbit Hole. It was extremely well-produced, did a great job of taking you on the journey, and was horrifically spot-on for some people I know.

A concept worth understanding: 
Cognitive empathy is the ability to intellectually understand someone else's perspective or argument. It doesn't mean justifying, agreeing to, feeling, or sympathizing with someone else, but merely being able to track their logic and see why something feels like a valid perspective to someone else.

A Twitter account worth following: 
If you want to stay updated in the community world of WordPress, Courtney Robertson does a great job of sharing updates, workshops, important dates, and more.

An article worth reading: 
I'm a parent of five and a former teacher, and I'm a big advocate of giving childhood back to kids in the form of unstructured and unsupervised play. This article from 2011 gives a very simple primer into what "play" means and why it's so important for children's mental health.

A habit worth forming: 
I don't have an athletic bone in my body but after years of every unhealthy habit imaginable, I’ve learned that daily exercise is the only thing that consistently improves my mental health. Every single day I don't want to do it and after every time I'm glad I did.



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