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This week, what's inspiring Daniel Roch, CEO of SEOKEY and SeoMix.

A podcast worth listening to:
In French, I really liked the Radio France episode on how journalists work on high-profile cases. In English, the Post Status episode about the WordPress ecosystem is a nice one.

A concept worth understanding:
Google is not your friend, either personally or professionally. Keep in mind that the goal of a search engine is to make money. Google, like its competitors, can make you disappear from the results in a short time. And above all, their statements often have a double meaning. So you should never take their word for it, especially if they are talking about an SEO ranking factor. Too many people in the SEO community relay without having tested, propagating either false or overestimated ideas.

A Twitter account worth following:
There are several accounts that come to my mind, but I'll highlight WP Tavern to follow WordPress news. In the SEO field, I love Fabien Raquidel's French account, where he often posts SEO tips.

An article worth reading:
This is not an article, but a book, Blue Ocean Strategy. The authors explain how to get started in an industry by making the competition irrelevant and not very powerful. This is probably one of the best marketing books I've read recently.

A habit worth forming:
Test, test, and test. No matter what skill you want to learn or what product you want to launch, testing is always the key to moving forward. You can make mistakes. You can have failures. But if you don't test, you can't know in advance. This is even more true if you work as an SEO consultant: you have to test to know what works and what doesn't.



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