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This week, what's inspiring Daniel Schutzsmith, team leader at Pinellas County Government overseeing all of the public facing websites and interactive experiences.

Outside of work, Daniel gives back to WordPress as a WordCamp organizer, a Meetup organizer (New Port Richey WordPress Meetup), a producer at The WP Minute and through several side projects: WP Live Streams Directory#WPTalks Spaces, The WordPress Twitter Community Organizer, and Tiny Press Email.

A podcast worth listening to: 
The WP Minute is my go-to podcast over the past year because it updates me on what's going on with WordPress in just a few minutes. I'm also one of the community participant producers and it's been very exciting to help shape the news there.

A concept worth understanding: 
As a developer, I've been playing with the new theme.json concept and I can easily say it is something we all should be adopting as we create new websites. The concept of using a JSON file to set up the common styles used throughout WordPress core works well, especially in a traditional version control workflow on a team. It's worth digging into fullsiteediting.com and learn.wordpress.org. Both of these resources provide some terrific materials to make it all easier to understand.

A Twitter account worth following: 
I think people are sleeping on @GutenbergHub from @MunirKamal. He shares tutorials on how to do advanced things with blocks like creating a logo slider or circle text animation, all with some CSS, JS, and core blocks. So many great tutorials in there!

An article worth reading: 
I just read a great article from MasterWP called No WordPress events nearby? Start your own. As someone who runs a Meetup and is also an organizer for WordCamp US 2022, I love it when new people start events! It's a great way for the community to come together and to get your name out there.

A habit worth forming: 
Scheduling "rest" time. I recently got COVID-19 and it has made me a bit more fatigued, especially later in the day, than I expected. I can't stress enough how much we need to make sure we're taking care of ourselves with rest and breaks so that we can keep doing the things we love to do.



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