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This week, what's inspiring Darice de Cuba, a front-end developer and speaker with a passion for inclusive design.

A podcast worth listening to: 
I'm late deaf (lost my hearing 15 years ago). A lot of podcasts don't have transcripts and thus aren't accessible to the deaf or hard of hearing, among others. One podcast that does and that I check out whenever someone interesting is on the show is "We Can do Hard Things" by Glennon Doyle. Like this recent conversation with Hannah Gadsby about autism and communicating better. Another podcast I like is Design Matters by Debbie Millman.

A concept worth understanding: 
Inclusive design. This is an approach that takes many individuals (their backgrounds, needs, experiences, and abilities) into account by including a diverse group of people when researching, designing and testing the product. Inclusive design seeks to make products as accessible as possible for people with disabilities and by extension improves the experience for everyone else.

A Twitter account worth following: 
I'm trying to wean off Twitter, but that hasn't been working out for me. Instead, I try to keep my following list useful. Two accounts that are always delivering useful content are @WalterStephanie with a wealth of info on CSS and web development and @adactioLinks, which is a collection of handpicked links.

An article worth reading: 
These are my knives by J. Kenji López-Alt. I'm a foodie and love cooking in my small apartment kitchen. One of the best investments I made is buying quality cooking knives. After buying my first one in 2004 there was no way back to buying cheap ones. My go to is the Kai Shun Classic Santoku and the Tojiro DP3 chef knife. These aren't very expensive in the realm of professional knives and they cut and dice like a dream, making cooking more enjoyable.

A habit worth forming: 
Doing nothing. It's almost blasphemy to say you are doing nothing, especially in this age where our worth is equated to our productivity. But doing nothing, staring at the ceiling or just spending the day reading a good thriller or mystery book helps me stay sane and be more creative. After all, life is not for just working and if we are privileged enough to not have to work around the clock, we should take the opportunity to do nothing and enjoy the idleness.



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