Davinder Singh Kainth


#WPCommunityFeels, issue #174


This week, what's inspiring Davinder Singh Kainth, founder of The WP Weekly. He's gearing up to launch Pluginsly.com, a place to discover new and useful WordPress plugins.

A podcast worth listening to: 
The weekly live show at WPBuilds is my favorite, not just for new WordPress things but also seeing happy WordPressers talking about good things in the ecosystem.

A concept worth understanding: 
The vicious cycle of exploring and more exploring to find the best tools for building websites. Remember, the "best tool" used by your friend may not be the best for you. If tools in your stack work on a foundational level, then switching is unnecessary. Wear your goggles to shield yourself from shiny new things!

A Twitter account worth following: 
Kim Doyal for learning to flourish on the web and discover new web things worth your attention. Plus, the natural personality infusion in the shared content makes it even more relatable.

An article worth reading: 
I am adjusting my purpose for writing and how I see value by Todd E Jones. It highlights that most content is being written with just SEO in mind. And, with new AI content generation, things will get more complicated. Where is the "real" storytelling?

A habit worth forming: 
Listen to your body and give it profound attention for a healthy mind—and then you are all set to create fantastic web things!


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