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Dee Teal is Senior Project Manager and PM Discipline Lead at Human Made, makers of Altis DXP.

A podcast worth listening to:
We Can Do Hard Things by Glennon Doyle. The tagline is "Life is hard. Let's do it together." It's really refreshing to listen to authentic people like Glennon and her sister Amanda navigate life in all its messiness without a social media veneer.

A concept worth understanding:
That disappointment, disagreement, and disharmony are generally rooted in mismatched or misaligned expectation. Addressing and moving on requires self-examination of your expectations, empathy for those who haven't met them, and adjusting them accordingly.

A Twitter account worth following:
@olgatuleninova, because a daily timeline cleanse with beautiful art is an excellent antidote to doom scrolling.

An article worth reading:
You are Not Lazy or Undisciplined. You Have Internal Resistance is the first in a series of really interesting reads that are helpful for whenever you're feeling stuck between what you know you should do and the self-loathing that comes from never actually doing it.

A habit worth forming:
Using Bullet Journal techniques to manage your to-do list. I wrote about it here, and it's served me well.


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