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This week, what's inspiring Fernando Puente, a self-described "old-school" IT expert who's been working with websites since 1995. He's been using WordPress and speaking at WordCamps since 2007.

A podcast worth listening to: 
The WP Tavern Jukebox. It is a weekly podcast for the WordPress community where you can find a plethora of insights and experiences through brilliant referrals from WP members. It is always a good resource for finding ideas. For Spanish speakers, Negocios WP, presented by Yannick García & Elías Gómez, is definitely worth checking out. It covers the latest trends and best practices for managing business and digital marketing using WordPress.

A concept worth understanding: 
How a website works. It may sound easy, or only for technical people, but there are many details that any WP user should know for a better understanding.

A Twitter account worth following: 
Two Twitter accounts worth following are @ayudawp (the Spanish WordPress content referral), and @remkusdevries (a WordPress veteran).

An article worth reading: 
How to Get Involved in the WordPress Community provides an updated version of the basic concepts to start contributing and reaping the benefits of being involved in WP.

A habit worth forming: 
Measuring everything continuously. In order to improve and maintain something, it is mandatory to measure everything. Web performance is not about feelings, but rather about metrics.


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