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This week, what's inspiring Hauwa Abashiya, a freelance project manager and founder of Azhiya Limited, WordFest organizer, WordPress Training Team co-rep, and WordCamp organizer.

A podcast worth listening to: 
Women in WP features the women in the WordPress community. What I love is that they try to introduce you to women who you may have never heard of. Those are the kind of stories I like hearing about, what other people who don't shout as much are doing in the community.

A concept worth understanding: 
Reusable blocks for the User – we currently use it a lot in Make Training for meeting agendas, recap notes and sprints. It is such an easy thing to implement and means you're not constantly having to rewrite the same information and everyone follows the same format. I sometimes think we overlook the simple things in life, yet this can save you time.

A Twitter account worth following: 
Big Orange Heart, an amazing charity all about promoting positive well-being and mental health for the remote working community. Obviously, I say this with no bias at all 😉

An article worth reading: 
On With My Head! A return from Headless WordPress. I've been hearing a lot about headless (or decoupled) so it was interesting to read about someone who'd shifted away and why. It just reaffirms for me what I always say about tech: check that it fits your purpose.

A habit worth forming: 
Me time! Step away from it all and just find that time to read, sew, cook, whatever makes you happy. You always come away feeling more energised.


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