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This week, what’s inspiring Iain Poulson, co-founder of FlipWP and product manager of Advanced Custom Fields at WP Engine.

A podcast worth listening to:
I’m a big fan of the Press This podcast. I’m in awe of how consistent David Vogelpohl was. It’s now in the hands of the excellent Doc Pop.

A concept worth understanding: 
If you’re building software then having a basic understanding of SQL is something I highly recommend. A lot of frameworks, including WordPress, abstract away the database layer of SQL queries, but having good knowledge of how to write queries, join tables, and aggregate data is an essential skill for a variety of roles.

A Twitter account worth following: 
I’ve been following Ian Nuttall for a while, but his recent content on programmatic SEO has been really interesting, especially as he uses WordPress in his stack and a number of essential plugins, like ACF, WP Migrate, and WP All Import, to build out his sites.

An article worth reading: 
Rocks, Pebbles, Sand by Jason Cohen is an essential read if you want to learn more about project management, prioritization, and product strategy.

A habit worth forming: 
Aside from the usual habit of reading more, at the start of the year I found tracking my habits and daily tasks helpful in being more productive and achieving more. I use the Everyday app to track and record my progress.


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