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This week, what's inspiring Jack Kitterhing, Product Manager at LearnDash and self-described "maker of too many side projects 🤣."

A podcast worth listening to:
Has to be How I Built It with Joe Casabona. It offers an insightful look into small businesses and marketing. Perfect for anyone getting started to understand common challenges in the online world.

A concept worth understanding:
The concept of the MVP. You don't need to polish your product to perfection or add every feature for version 1.0. Launch it! Get feedback and iterate.

A Twitter account worth following:
Definitely @chrislema. He's a powerhouse in the product world and shares insightful best practices from his vast experience. His blog is pretty kick-ass too.

An article worth reading: 
@lesley_pizza's blog, Learning to ship 1 big thing per cycle, on learning the importance of an MVP with shipping one big thing per quarter rather than trying to do everything at once.

A habit worth forming:
Not so much a habit as a mindset, but understanding, seeing things from others' points of view, and taking on opinions from colleagues and peers. Blazing through believing you are perfect in everything is a sure-fire way to fail.


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