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This week, what's inspiring Leonardo Losoviz, an open source developer and technical writer working at the intersection of GraphQL and WordPress.

A podcast worth listening to: 
Concerning WordPress, I enjoy Nathan Wrigley's two podcasts: WP Builds and the WP Tavern Jukebox. I also appreciate The Matt Report, as the interviews by Matt Medeiros make me feel like being among a group of friends. Finally, Press the Issue was launched recently by MasterWP, and it seems to not shy away from difficult topics, so I have high hopes on it.

A concept worth understanding: 
Social media is a terrible place for engaging in meaningful conversations as it allows emotion to play a more significant role than reason. As the WordPress community experienced some controversy following a tweet by Matt Mullenweg, we need to consider that part of the problem came from the medium itself. When writing on a blog, we consider carefully its contents before hitting "publish." Twitter, on the other hand, makes it too easy to post something that we come to regret later on. That's why we need to be mindful of how we engage with Twitter.

A Twitter account worth following: 
I wouldn't know, since I do not engage on Twitter. (I mostly use it to scan relevant hashtags when it benefits my work, e.g. to follow what's going on during some conference, or new developments for headless WordPress.) As an alternative, I'll share a blog worth following: Patrick McKenzie's Kalzumeus, where he shares tips for software developers, including how to negotiate a salary, how to be productive, and a lot more.

An article worth reading: 
I've recently read the book Deep Work by Cal Newport, and its message is very important for knowledge workers: If we want to produce impactful work, then we need to stay away from the "always-on" state demanded by social media and mobile connectivity. By keeping long stretches of time offline, we are better able to focus on one task at a time, produce high-quality work, and get the sense of bliss that comes when we achieve our demanding goals.

A habit worth forming: 
Not looking at your phone screen when talking to people, particularly friends or family members, as to not make them feel secondary to whatever else is happening on the phone.



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