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#WPCommunityFeels, issue #171


This week, what's inspiring Lisa Sabin Wilson, COO at WebDevStudios.

A podcast worth listening to: 
The Knowledge Project. Hosted by Shane Parrish, the premise is to uncover the best of what other people have already figured out so you can use their insights in your life, for example.

A concept worth understanding: 
Everything you know has an expiration date. Knowledge has a half-life, or the time before half of the knowledge in one area is outdated or proven untrue. Fully understanding this concept will turn you into a life-long learner. “If knowledge is power, knowing what we don’t know is wisdom.” - Adam Grant

A Twitter account worth following: 
Jason Cohen is the founder and Chief Innovation Officer of WP Engine and I have always enjoyed his Twitter account, @ASmartBear (Subscribe to his long form articles, too!) He always shares great knowledge and concepts in tech, leadership business, and the like.

An article worth reading: 
An article I recently read in the New Yorker was titled "Notes from Prince Harry's Ghostwriter," a fascinating one written by the ghostwriter for Prince Harry’s book, The Spare. It is an interesting peek into the world of a ghostwriter, which I find interesting as a writer. The article also speaks to the craziness of the role press and media play in our lives in this moment… the seediness of clickbait and the prevalence of “fake news.”

A habit worth forming: 
The habit of active listening. Hearing is passive, but listening is hearing PLUS paying attention in order to take in, and process, what is being said before making assumptions, judging or rendering an immature opinion on what is being said. Plus, it’s respectful to the speaker. Here is a great article on it from Very Well Mind.


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