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This week, what's inspiring writer and comedienne Lu Williams.

A podcast worth listening to: 
A Funny Taste in Music with Andrew Bird. As I do stand-up, this is a great podcast that opens up access to other comics whilst discussing their music tastes. Entertaining and a fun way to enjoy music you know or discover new music. For me, it’s almost like a form of networking, listening to the guests and then following their social media presence. But the main thing is the “escapism” that music provides as well as the humor.

A concept worth understanding:
The concept of ability. Once we are aware of our abilities, we know what we are or aren't capable of so we can then either improve our ability or shift our focus away from any inability, thus making us better people. You could spend years trying to master a skill you simply don't have or accept it and apply that energy to a skill you do have, ultimately improving the way you look at yourself. It's too easy to feel like we have failed but it's not failure. You can't fail at something you cannot do. Shifting that mindset alone eases so much pressure we put on ourselves, and we can start to really appreciate ourselves and our achievements from a deeper understanding.

A Twitter account worth following:
Mine! (@cshq101) Of course, Steven Bartlett (@SteveBartlettSC) is my second choice after following me. I'm just playing but yeah follow me. I'm new on there, I'm lonely lol. Steven is worth following as his posts are quite thought provoking. I personally feel something akin to empowerment since following him as he just cuts through the BS so many motivational posts have by giving the type of content that makes me stop and think about how I respond and react to whatever life throws at me.

An article worth reading: 
Any articles you can find from Stephen Bartlett are worth so much. Inspirational yet brutally honest, just like his Twitter account.

A habit worth forming: 
Smile more… Look in the mirror and smile at your reflection. Trust me, you'll thank yourself after. That face that looks back at you, that's your face. You have to live with it your whole life. Even if you don't particularly find yourself aesthetically pleasing, your face is your identity. Smile at it, learn to appreciate it, respect it, embrace it and above all, like it. So smile because it's infectious. Because it's a simple way to be kind to yourself.


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