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This week, what's inspiring Malcolm Peralty, co-founder of PressTitan, Product Owner at Camber Creative, and sometimes co-host of the WP Mainline podcast.

A podcast worth listening to: 
Other than WP Mainline? I actually don't listen to podcasts very often. I do listen to YouTube videos, strangely enough. One of my favs is Real Engineering.

A concept worth understanding: 
I think everyone, including myself, needs to understand unconditional positive regard. It's primarily a psychology thing, but I think it works well in other areas too. We often too quickly make assumptions, often negative, about other people's actions or intentions and it's not an ideal way to live. A rising tide lifts all boats. We need to be more supportive of each other and understand that people, in general, are doing the best they can with the skills, knowledge and abilities they have.

A Twitter account worth following: 
@ChrisWiegman writes about all kinds of stuff. A really great guy with a wide set of interests; has spent lots of time in the WordPress space, a pilot, and is interested in all kinds of technology.

An article worth reading: 
It's not an article as much as a PDF worth reviewing, Catalyst from Postlight. Brice, the CEO of Camber Creative, pointed it out over a month ago, and I've kept it open on my computer for weeks now reviewing/referencing different parts of it. I'm hopeful that it'll make me a better product owner/project manager/business person. If nothing else, I find it inspiring to read.

A habit worth forming: 
I collect hobbies and love things to be consistent in my life, but I am not much of a habit person (other than trying to kick bad ones…). I think it's important to take time each day for your mental health in whatever form works best for you and to always be trying out new tools, techniques, options to improve your understanding of your mental health. Right now I am trying to create a mantra for the day each day and fill out some proofs that I was able to accomplish that mantra. So it'll become a journal of my successes, my mental accomplishments over time.


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