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This week, what’s inspiring XWP engineer and freelance WordPress/PHP developer Milana Cap.

A podcast worth listening to: 
I’m not much of a podcast listener. I tried several times but just seem to fail in fitting them into my schedule and workflows. That being said, I do have several of them which I did listen to a couple of episodes and found very interesting. One of them is Art of Darkness, hosted by Kevin Kautzman and Brad Kelly.

A concept worth understanding: 
Without open source, none of this is working. By "this" I mean "your whole life": banking systems, health care, the whole economy, really. And some parts of it depend on the free time of a single person. Let that sink in.

A Twitter account worth following: 
In light of the open source concept, I’d say @phpc. I would love for the WordPress community to mingle more with the PHP community. It would be beneficial for both.

An article worth reading: 
The many gifts of awkward SILENCE by Jessica Hagy. In my mind, the article celebrates weird and awkward, unpleasant and patience. Looking at younger generations, such as my daughter who's now 18, I see them avoiding anything that's even remotely unpleasant. That's such a shame because so many good things are born out of unpleasantness and adversity. Just take a look at boredom! So I hope this article will inspire everyone to take a walk through that cactus forest, they might find a rare flower.

A habit worth forming: 
Regular exercising. "Regular" is a keyword here. Give your body a chance to blow your mind. It will.


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