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This week, what's inspiring Nidhi Jain, a technical support specialist at Awesome Motive and WordCamp Asia organizer.


A podcast worth listening to: 
WPBuilds is a WordPress network about podcasts, news, deals, giveaways, and many more things. WPCoffeeTalk is run by Michelle Frechette, who talks to all kinds of amazing people in the WordPress Community. Lastly, Women In WP is about women who blog, design, develop, and contribute to the WordPress community.

A concept worth understanding: 
Sometimes your lack of ability to understand others comes from your lack of understanding yourself. You can’t expect to understand other people’s certain perspectives, feelings, and points of view when you can barely understand and explain your own. You need to work on understanding yourself wholeheartedly before you can even attempt to give others that same level of understanding. Otherwise, there’s always going to be this wall holding you back from understanding others. If you’re always hesitant to express yourself, be kind to yourself, or feel anything in general, then how can you expect others to do the same for you?

A Twitter account worth following: 
To get updates about WordPress, you must follow the WordPress account. If you want to start contributing to WordPress, GoodFirstBugs is good to follow.

An article worth reading: 
How to contribute to WordPress Core, by Abdullah Ramzan, a developer, community wrangler, and regular Core contributor.

A habit worth forming: 
Get good sleep because it helps to improve brain performance, mood, and health. Especially for working professionals, sleep deprivation negatively affects work performance, productivity, and quality. They can have more difficulty in concentrating, learning, and communicating. And daily exercise is a must. Running, walking, whatever you like to do.



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