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This week, what's inspiring software developer and MasterWP Editorial Director Nyasha Green. Green is currently working on building out a mentorship group to help people of diverse backgrounds get into WordPress.


A podcast worth listening to: 
Underrepresented in Tech. It has amazing insight for communities who are underrepresented in tech and those who wish to help them get into tech.

A concept worth understanding: 
True empathy. It is easier to sympathize with people than to do the work to stand in their shoes. But standing in another’s place is the only way to truly know how they feel, and how to help.

A Twitter account worth following: 
Shambi Broome at @webgyrl2. Shambi is an amazing WordPress and STEM educator. She specializes in education for girls and women as young as nine. Her account is a perfect mix of real-life and educational tweets.

An article worth reading: 
A quarter-million qualified women of color are currently missing from the tech space. Here’s one solution to the problem.

A habit worth forming: 
Take time out of your day to laugh at least twice. It may seem silly but no matter what’s going on your body could always use that extra dose of happiness!


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