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This week, what’s inspiring Pooja Derashri, co-founder of WPVibes, co-rep of the Make WordPress Training team, organizer for WordCamp Asia and the Ajmer WordPress Meetup, and creator of the new WordPress APAC Twitter Community.

A podcast worth listening to: 
I like WP Builds and The WPMinute. These are my go-to podcasts, and they update me on so many things around WordPress in just a few minutes. I also admire Women In WP, which discusses women doing excellent work in WordPress across the globe.

A concept worth understanding:
A company's success depends on the quality of its support. If you're in charge, make sure to focus first on things like answering any questions or providing help as soon as possible for your customers’ satisfaction. No matter what business you own, your customer service will set the tone for success.

A Twitter account worth following: 
To get helpful and informative stuff you must follow Courtney Robertson (@courtneyr_dev), Justin Ferriman (@JustinFerriman) and Ahmad Awais (@MrAhmadAwais). They all are worth following and provide you in-depth knowledge.

An article worth reading: 
An article by Chris Lema on When Is It Time to Quit or Move On is worth a read. It's all about drawing a line between quitting and moving on.

A habit worth forming: 
Your identity emerges out of your habits, so choose wisely. Practices that improve your mental health are considered good. For example, I follow early to bed, early to rise, and meditate to live a healthy life. Now I am trying to adopt a daily book reading and journal writing to shape my thoughts in a better way.



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