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This week, what’s inspiring Rae Morey, publisher of The Repository, founder of Words By Birds, and Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Art Processors.

A podcast worth listening to:
Not gonna lie, I don't listen to WordPress podcasts because my eyes get enough of what's happening in the ecosystem while putting this newsletter together. Recently, I treated my ears to the brilliant second season of Stuff the British Stole.

A concept worth understanding:
Back yourself. After hiring people in my many various roles in and outside of WordPress over the years, I've found it's often the quiet achievers who don't realize just how amazingly talented they are.

A Twitter account worth following:
As a copywriter, I'm here for @Pagely's tweets.

An article worth reading: 
Elena Salaks's recent article I Just Don’t Want to Be Busy Anymore was like a punch in the guts and has helped me set better boundaries when it comes to work and family.

A habit worth forming:
Disconnecting from tech and reconnecting with nature. I recently hiked up a mountain in the rain on my own, got lost, bush-based through thick scrub trying to find my car, and eventually got home hours later than I’d planned. It was cathartic and, fortunately, snake-free.


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