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This week, what’s inspiring Ryan Sullivan, COO of SiteCare.

A podcast worth listening to: 
I've really been enjoying the Nested Folders podcast. It's about personal and professional productivity, but not so much the tools or "hacks" like lots of other podcasts. They talk more about how to think about productivity and getting things done. It's also only one hour per month, which feels right for people who are mindful of where they spend their time.

A concept worth understanding: 
Entropy is something I've been thinking about a lot lately. James Clear articulates how entropy works here much better than I ever could. I'm drawn to the idea of designing the life you want, even though there will always be chaos and other challenges pushing against you. I'm a long way from getting where I'd like to be in that regard, but I think all of us could benefit from understanding how entropy works and what we can do to combat it (or roll with it, when appropriate).

A Twitter account worth following: 
Follow @CraigWeekend to get a weekly dose of Daniel Craig and know when the weekend starts, at least for as long as Twitter is alive (which I hope is a long time).

An article worth reading: 
This is coming from a place of strong bias because I firmly believe that maintenance programmers are some of the best problem solvers on the web, and I run a WordPress Support and maintenance company, but I'm going to share it anyway. The Noble Art of Maintenance Programming by Jeff Atwood from 2006 will help you stop looking at maintenance programming as "janitorial work."

A habit worth forming: 
I thought about this for a long time, because I think the habits we need to form depend a lot on the needs of individuals. But one thing that's helped me a lot, and that I think would help pretty much anyone who tries it, is a short breathing exercise either to start the day or to help you prepare for something that may be especially anxiety-inducing.


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