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This week, what's inspiring Sally Thoun, head of Partnerships and Sales at AAAtraq, owner of Savvy Girl Digital Marketing, and a WordFest Live volunteer.

A podcast worth listening to: 
A11Y Rules and Mosen at Large. I love these podcasts with guests with disabilities talking about the barriers they encounter on the web and a11y advocates sharing their insight. Even though making the web accessible is the right thing to do for humanity, it also helps me understand their frustrations, so I can better explain it when advocating for accessible websites to unaware businesses. You don’t know what you don’t know!

A concept worth understanding: 
Why digital accessibility is crucial to provide equal access and opportunity to people with diverse abilities so they can be independent without having to rely on others. I can relate as I lost some of my independence when I went through cancer and had to rely on others, which was hard. I love my late Aunty Lizzy’s saying as it summarizes accessibility: “We are not here to see ‘through’ each other, but to see each other ‘through’!”

A Twitter account worth following: 
I am not on Twitter much as trying to stay on top of LinkedIn is a challenge. There are so many lively conversations with many incredible accessibility advocates, it is hard to name just one as they each bring their unique perspective to help educate and inspire us. Search Twitter for “accessibility” and start following some of these selfless folks.

An article worth reading: 
Many accessibility articles are worth reading but I love anything by Sheri Byrne-Haber as she gets straight to the point and provides a lot of history as many of us are new to accessibility. I’m grateful to those who have and are paving the way. I’ve heard high accolades for the best-selling book From Strength to Strength - Finding Success, Happiness, and Deep Purpose in the Second Half of Life by Arthur C. Brooks. I found my passion and purpose with accessibility and cannot wait to read it, as it’s on backorder.

A habit worth forming: 
Starting the day with my devotions/bible or anything that positively motivates you. Taking breaks throughout the day, to give your brain a chance to relax and reflect. Doing some form of exercise to keep the blood flowing as I sit at a computer daily as most of us. I am now walking daily when weather permits with my new 80 pound rescue dog, Emma Noel. She keeps me from being lazy and I feel refreshed after our walks which also provide a mental break.


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