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This week, what’s inspiring Scott Buscemi, product manager at Pantheon. Check out Pantheon’s early preview of the Bedrock Composer-Managed WordPress site template.

A podcast worth listening to: 
I'm a huge fan of Lenny’s Podcast. Lenny interviews the best product managers and growth experts.

A concept worth understanding: 
At its core, culture is how folks are fired, hired, and promoted. Folks will do what gets promotions at an organization, so it's up to leadership to make sure that is calibrated right.

A Twitter account worth following: 
Levels. How blood sugar affects metabolic health isn't talked about enough outside of diabetes. Wearing a continuous glucose monitor for a few months gave me life-changing insights.

An article worth reading: 
This tweet is a mini article about the traps B2B product teams fall into that results in terrible UX.

A habit worth forming: 
Every month, I write a "Month in Review" journal entry for a more macro reflection of my days. Attached are always my top 10 photos I took in the past month.


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