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This week, what's inspiring Shambi Broome, Executive Director of Webgyrlz Code and founder of JMB Designs LLC. Webgyrlz Code is currently working with Ridge View High School in South Carolina to teach students WordPress development. High school students are likewise invited to learn WordPress via JMB Designs' first WordPress to PWA site.

A podcast worth listening to: 
I’m not a consistent podcast listener but I’d recommend WAIR Chats from @getwair. Great convos for anyone in the eCommerce or fashion tech space (I’m hoping a WordPress plugin is next on their list).

A concept worth understanding: 
Being reasonable with yourself. In 2022 I implemented no Friday deadlines and it was amazing! It reduced my stress and allowed me to use Fridays for connecting with mentees and doing discovery calls. I love a reply from @gregchase to one of my tweets on this subject: "I always question a Friday deadline with 'are you going to look at this over the weekend?'" Total facts. I was diagnosed with cancer in December 2022 and this journey has humbled me and taught me to be reasonable with my energy. Afternoon naps during the work day should be the norm. It’s a great refresher and usually leads to hours of more focused work.

A Twitter account worth following: 
@RIoTonSocial I started following them after All Things Open 2022. I love what they are doing in the open source tech space and they "walk the walk" with encouraging inclusion in the community. RIoT is also amazing at supporting startups and giving founders a space to grow.

An article worth reading: 
An article I have any new WordPress interns/volunteers read when they start to work with my web agency or nonprofit is from It's their article about WordPress features. I believe in going to the source before I scour the Internet for indie articles. I feel WP does a great job introducing its platform to newbies.

A habit worth forming: 
Connect with your community. In tech this is huge. I love being in spaces with other passionate people who love tech, love learning, love sharing, and want to make tech more inclusive. It’s almost better than the energy you get from coffee (almost). I love to meet with other techies in person, chatting on Zoom, group chats, or even just having long Twitter convos. I learn from others and I love sharing where I can help. I’m big on supporting career changers to help them deal with imposter syndrome, build their confidence, and be a sound board when they have struggles. Find your community and be an active participant.


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