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This week, what’s inspiring Simon Harper, freelance WordPress designer and owner of SRH Design.

A podcast worth listening to: 
WP Builds by Nathan Wrigley is always worth a listen. One of my favorite places to discover WordPress podcasts is from the HeroPress network over at WP Podcasts.

A concept worth understanding: 
Concise and effective communication are paramount. I am very blessed that my clients communicate effectively with me (and vice-versa) and with other freelancers or agencies they work with on our projects. Good communication allows us to work more efficiently and effectively on omnichannel campaigns and WordPress/WooCommerce builds. Investing in your communication during projects reduces headaches and improves deliverables.

A Twitter account worth following: 
There are so many it’s hard to name just one. I will break the rules and say, Mike Oliver and Paul Charlton. If you want to see how beautiful websites are built and learn more about WordPress, follow these accounts.

An article worth reading: 
With the turbulent times since Twitter’s acquisition, Mike McAlister wrote a phenomenal article on an Openverse concept using WordPress.

A habit worth forming: 
Spend around 20% of your working time (or what you can) each week learning something new or developing your own business. It can’t all be client work.



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