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This week, what's inspiring Stephanie Hudson, co-founder of FocusWP.

A podcast worth listening to: 
I swing between binging podcasts and audiobooks. It’s been mostly books the past few months for some reason, but I did stumble on a fun podcast called Imagined Life. Each episode tells the story of a famous person before they became famous. They never mention the name until the last sentence so you get to try to figure out who it is along the way. Every episode I’ve listened to has been really interesting and fun to guess.

A concept worth understanding: 
It’s OK to present the real you to the world, imperfections and all. In a world of influencers with glam squads, Photoshop, and catfish filters, it can feel impossible to keep up… so don’t. Being an actual real human will resonate with your tribe more than you know.

A Twitter account worth following: 
I know it’s not cool, but I’m just not a Twitter person. I’ve tried many times, but it just doesn’t click with the algorithms in my brain.

An article worth reading: 
I have to work hard to be productive rather than just busy. It’s easy to be busy. Productivity takes real effort in our world of non-stop notifications and alerts. I enjoyed this article which compares busy and productive to running on a treadmill and running in place, respectively: You Need to Practice Being Your Future Self.

A habit worth forming: 
I’m a big believer in listening to your body, especially when it comes to your circadian rhythms (sleep/wake cycles). I spent years trying to jam my night owl self into an early bird schedule and all it resulted in was frustration and failure (and tiredness!) over and over again. I’ve come to accept that my brain works best after 10pm. Is that convenient? Not particularly. But as a business owner, I have the ability to set my own schedule. By listening to your body instead of societal norms, your productivity and mental health will benefit so much that it is totally worth swimming upstream.



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