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This week, what's inspiring Taylor Elizabeth Rose, Marketing Director for GiveWPIconicWP, and Orderable.

A podcast worth listening to: 
To be shamelessly bold, I would recommend my own podcast! The Legend of CA Man. The story isn't quite over yet. I plan to finish it this summer as I drive the path in the story. You may recognize a familiar podcaster voice as the narrator and catch quite a few WordPress puns and inside jokes along the journey.

A concept worth understanding: 
Planning is critical for efficiency. Whether it's a blog article, a product update, or a major multi-team project, planning is the only way to really do it well and do it in a timely manner. Knowing ahead of time what issues might arise, what tasks need to happen, and what might become a roadblock saves time, headaches, and allows you to increase your overall workload capacity. Plan, plan, plan.

A Twitter account worth following: 
I really love the Asana account. It's encouraging to see new product updates, tips for productivity, and I generally just love the branding on their Twitter account.

An article worth reading: 
Insider recently published an article about how tech companies are ruining their core products by chasing trends and operating in a "growth mindset." This is a really critical concept for everyone in WordPress right now as products are acquired, and WordPress Core continues to change. Keeping the end-user's needs at the front of everything we do is a better path forward than speeding through trendy releases. Did the change you made make things easier or better for your users? If not, then re-evaluate before moving forward.

A habit worth forming:
Compartmentalize time and space, including devices. With more people working from home, remembering to use your spaces as they are intended is important. Sleep happens in bed. Eating is in the kitchen. Work is at the desk. This way, your mind is able to focus on and turn off from work. It also helps keep work-life balance if you keep your work and private lives on separate devices. So, when you leave your desk, work actually stays there.


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