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This week, what's inspiring Thijs de Valk, former CEO at Yoast.

A podcast worth listening to:
I don't listen to a lot of podcasts, to be honest! I've obviously listened to all Yoast SEO podcasts, but I find having to listen takes up a lot more of my time than reading posts.

A concept worth understanding:
I’m very much into data and analytics, and a concept I think is really worth understanding is that numbers/data mean nothing without the right context. Not sure if this is actually a concept, but this is what the question made me think of!

A Twitter account worth following:
Just one? Wow. The one that immediately comes to mind is Aleyda Solis. She produces awesome content, and also shares great content.

An article worth reading:
I would have to say Joost's CMS market share analysis articles. They give some very good insights on how WordPress and the rest of the CMS's are doing and where they seem to be going.

A habit worth forming:
Oh, you're asking a behavioral scientist! I don't think there's one specific habit worth forming, as the need is different for every person. But for me personally I've found it's very useful, and enlightening, to ask for clarification, even when I think I understand something. This often leads to interesting conversations!


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