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This week, what’s inspiring Topher DeRosia, founder of HeroPress and Community Director of WP Wallet.

A podcast worth listening to: 
Generally I don't listen to podcasts. But there are two that I really respect, and you should try them: The Roadhouse Podcast and Underrepresented in Tech.

A concept worth understanding: 
Empathy. When you truly, deeply understand what another person is feeling you can identify with them and then magic happens.

A Twitter account worth following: 
HeroPress is my own project, and also reveals the lives of WordPressers all over the world. When we understand each other we're more likely to care for each other. RespectfulMemes is a Twitter handle that simply posts wholesome, uplifting stuff. It's so easy these days to feel like the world is ending. This feed is a ray of sunshine.

An article worth reading: 
The Other Side Of WordPress. Around the time I wrote the post, some unpleasant things happened in the WordPress community. Jeff and Mika wrote about them, they're linked in the post. I realized I didn't want to give the impression to anyone that the WordPress community was perfect.

A habit worth forming: 
Consistency. That's a lot like forming habits, but if you can learn how to form habits then you have a superpower. Consistency is the key to forming good habits.



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