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This week, what's inspiring Vito Peleg, founder of Atarim.

A podcast worth listening to: 
Personally, I prefer to do my deep learning from focused channels like books and courses; this allows me to choose what I'm learning so that I can take action on the things I need, when I need them. So for me, podcasts are a source of staying on top of what's happening in our space rather than where I go to learn new strategies. With that in mind, my favorite podcast is WP Builds by Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley. We're all fortunate to have quite a few high quality podcasts in our niche, but I chose WP Builds mostly because I enjoy the lighthearted approach that Nathan brings to the show, he's not assuming to have all the answers like many do—he's on a journey and the listeners are just coming along for the ride.

A concept worth understanding: 
The people you look up to are are not different than you, they're just a few years ahead. But they took the time, made the effort and endured the sacrifices to get them to where they are.

A Twitter account worth following: 
Nathan Barry (@nathanbarry). He's the founder and CEO of ConvertKit and I love how he's honestly and openly building in public. I don't agree with everything but he gets me thinking in the right direction. Seems like I have a thing for "Nathans," haha.

An article worth reading: 
9 Proven Time Management Techniques and Tools. Time is the only thing that is finite in this world, knowing how to manage it and get more out of every minute is the biggest lever for growth. We often believe that we don't have time because we've maxed out the hours of the day. The trick is to do more, a lot more, with the same hours we all have. Using tools, techniques and leveraging teams is the way to 2X, 10X and 1mX every minute. If we think about it, not too long ago, crossing the US on the back of a horse took 70-80 days. Now, with a plane, it takes 8-11 hours. That is 99.5% faster for the same result. OR an efficiency increase of 19,900%. I like to think about time in these terms, not how I can save a few minutes or hours here and there, but what can I do to go from horse to plane and turn every full 60 minutes to 20 seconds.

A habit worth forming:
Waking up extremely early. For years, I considered myself as a "night owl." Coming from the music industry, waking up at 11am and going to sleep in the early hours of the morning was the norm. Even during my agency days, I started working at 10am. But when I started waking up at 5am every day, I found that I'm getting a few hours of clear mind before the whirlwind of running a business. This is my time to do some focused work, strategizing and thinking. When you wake up early, you've already won the day, now it's just a matter of keeping the momentum going. Sometimes we feel that waking up early is just replacing the hours at night, which is not wrong, but all that I really lost is a couple of hours of watching Netflix before going to bed.




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